Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Top Benefits of Taro Leaves You May Not Know

benefits of taro leaves

Taro leaves are heart-shaped and smooth and dark green on the surface or light green on the underside. Taro leaves have many health benefits because it is rich in nutrients. Here are some of the top benefits of taro leaves.

Benefits of Taro Leaves

1. Reduce cholesterol

benefits of taro leaves


Taro leaves are frequently used by Pacific Island natives for the management of cholesterol, which it has been doing effectively for centuries. Much of its ability to lower cholesterol is due to its fiber content, which helps to slow the absorption of dietary fats and also enhances the excretion of bile in stool. As this occurs, cholesterol levels drop to compensate for the increased production of new bile enzymes.

2. Help control blood pressure

One of the taro leaves is to help control blood pressure. They contain omega 3, an essential fatty acid that provides material for hormones to control the contraction and relaxation of the artery wall.  If this mechanism is going well, the blood pressure can be controlled to a normal level.

3. Good for digestive health

Cooked leaves are easily digestible. With a high content of dietary fiber, it is helpful to maintain the digestive system. Fiber adds bulk to the stools and normalizes bowel movements. It also prevents digestive problems such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Besides this, fiber lowers the chances of colon cancer.

4. Prevent cancer

Regular intake of cooked taro helps to ward off diseases such as cancer. It is due to the presence of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that prevents common ailments such as cough, cold, and cancers. This vitamin is needed for the growth of connective tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. It enhances the overall immunity level of the body; assists in the synthesis of neurotransmitters, hormones, and speeds up the healing process.

5. Assist in weight loss

benefits of taro leaves: lose weight


Taro leaves have low-calorie content making it an ideal choice for ones who are on a mission to shed their extra fat. A cup of Taro leaves adds only 25 calories to the body. Moreover, Arbi leaves are an excellent dietary fiber that keeps us full for a long time and reduces the longing for the intake of food.  A 100-gram portion of Arbi contains 5.1 grams of fiber.

6. Benefit heart health

Taro leaves are excellent for helping to support the health of your heart as they possess nutrients to do so via several mechanisms. For instance, the fiber by helping to reduce cholesterol levels, in turn, decreases the likelihood of oxidation occurring and subsequent atherosclerotic plaques developing. But there is more – taro leaves are also very high in potassium, an important mineral for the regulation of blood pressure and overall fluid balance.

7. Support the immune system

Taro leaves support the immune system as a result of the high content of antioxidant nutrients it possesses, and also the fiber which acts as nourishment for the probiotic bacteria residing in your intestines. These bacteria form the primary part of your immune system, especially when it comes to things you put in your mouth. Healthy probiotic cultures also coincide with decreased frequency of allergies or asthma attacks and even decreased likelihood of specific cancers such as those of the colon.

8. Good for fetus health

Folate is a crucial vitamin for women at the time of pregnancy. Taro leaves are packed with this vitamin. Folate is required for the healthy development of the fetus. It prevents birth imperfections such as neural tube defects. Besides this, folate is imperative for DNA synthesis and helps to prevent rectal cancer and colon cancer.

9. Enhance vision

enhance vision


Taro leaves are surprisingly very rich in Vitamin A, necessary to support the health and function of your eyes. In addition to improving low-light vision, Vitamin A can also safeguard your eyes from oxidative damage and help prevent the occurrence of macular degeneration. Be sure to consume taro leaves in addition to other staples which are known to be rich sources of Vitamin A for best results.

10. Lower wrinkle appearance

Taro has a high content of amino acids known as threonine which supports the formation of collagen and elastin which are crucial for healthy skin. Regular intake of vegetables lowers the signs of aging such as wrinkles and also rejuvenates the skin.