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Best Places in Bergen, Norway You Should Visit

Mount Fløyen

Bergen, which is Norway’s second-largest city, is one of the country’s leading cultural destinations, hosting popular summer arts and music events. This is one of the attractive destinations in Norway for tourists to explore. Here are some of the best places in Bergen.

Best Places in Bergen

1. Bryggen



One of the best places in Bergen is Bryggen. By far the most iconic sight to greet any visitor to Bergen is the colorful facade of Bryggen, the old Hanseatic wharf first established in the 14th century. It has been a place of both cultural and economic significance. The picturesque wooden structures, rebuilt following a fire in 1702, later became recognized as a vital part of Bergen’s cultural heritage, and also the world’s, as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The wharf today houses a small museum, shops, restaurants, and cafés and is an emblematic and natural focal point for locals and visitors alike.

2. St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Church


The oldest building in Bergen is by the Schøtstuene behind Bryggen and is an unusual example of Romanesque architecture in Norway.

In fact, no other church in Norway has a western facade like this, with square, unadorned towers and semicircular windows typical of the Romanesque style.

St Mary’s Church would have been erected in the middle of the 12th century. In the choir, the pointed windows are Gothic and suggest that this part of the church was rebuilt after a fire in 1248. At the southern portal, you can see Romanesque bestial and foliate motifs on the capitals in the jambs.

The church’s greatest treasure though is its altarpiece, carved in the Hanseatic capital, Lübeck in the 15th century.

3. Mount Fløyen

Mount Fløyen


To the northeast of Bergen rises Mount Fløyen. Also known as Fløyfjell, this 319-meter peak offers magnificent views of the city and the surrounding area. For the most dramatic vistas, time your visit for early morning or at dusk.

If walking is not your thing, you can take the Fløibanen, a fun 844-meter-long funicular railway that carries over a million passengers to the top every year. Once here, the views over Bergen are simply breathtaking.

When you’re done with the spectacular views of Bergen, leave the station behind and head to Blåmann. At 551 meters, this tall mountain peak offers superb views from the top that are well worth the effort.

4. Grieg Museum (Troldhaugen)

Grieg Museum


Located just a short trek to the south of Bergen, Troldhaugen is famous as the former home of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. Built-in 1885, the well-preserved home is now the site of the Grieg Museum and is dedicated to the life and work of the composer.

The Greig Museum is housed in the villa where Edvard and Nina lived, as well as a number of newer buildings constructed for the purpose of commemorating the composer’s life and work. Visitors can also see the composer’s hut, Greig’s private workspace by the lake where he retreated for concentration.

5. Bergen Fish Market

best places in Bergen: Bergen Fish Market


Because of the country’s extensive coastline, traditional sea industries have been extremely important to Norway’s economy and cultural life throughout the centuries. With the busiest seaport in the country, it is only natural that Bergen is the go-to place for fish and other seafood. Take a trip to the outdoor Fish Market in the middle of the city center to experience the lively atmosphere and the colorful selection of treasures of the sea. One of Norway’s most-visited outdoor attractions, the Fish Market offers an abundance of fish, shellfish, fruit, vegetables, and hand-made crafts for you to buy, see and taste.

6. Mount Ulriken

best places in Bergen: Mount Ulriken


The highest of Bergen’s seven mountains crests at 643 meters, and like Fløyen there’s an easy way to reach the top.

In Ulriken’s case, it’s the Ulriksbanen aerial tramway, which has been ferrying people to the peak and back since 1961. At the summit, there’s another exhilarating vantage point set up with telescopes, as well as a restaurant and a TV tower visible across Bergen.

If you prefer a challenge you can hike up via a system of trails, and the route most traveled begins at Montana, which can be reached on the go.

After hitting the top, hardy walkers can continue their adventure on the Vidden Trail to Fløyen.

7. Bergenhus Fortress

best places in Bergen: Bergenhus Fortress


The old Bergenhus Fortress (Bergenhus festning) has dominated the entrance to Bergen’s harbor since the late 16th century and remains one of the most impressive such structures in Scandinavia. A highlight of a visit is seeing the medieval-era banqueting hall, Haakon’s Hall (Håkonshallen).

Completed for Norwegian King Håkon Håkonsson in 1261 and fully restored in 1950 after damage, this impressive hall is open to the public year-round and is the largest surviving such structure from this period in the country.

Be prepared to spend time in the excellent Bergenhus Fortress Museum with its fascinating exhibits relating to the contribution of women and resistance groups during the 1940-45 German occupation.